About sharing a vision

I am Sylvia Aldebol, artist and graphic designer.
Being raised in Puerto Rico surrounded by music and art fed my desire to study Fine Arts at the Interamerican University in San Germán, Puerto Rico. Since then, both painting and graphic design have been part of my everyday life. 

I've had the joy of providing designs and artwork for different industries, hotels, and government and private entities. I've participated in several artistic exhibitions that have given me great professional satisfaction.

My greatest inspiration is love, the inner fire that creates balance, unity, and peacefulness in every woman. Those emotions are translated with colors and brush strokes that create textures and movements around my paintings. It is an invitation to self-introspection, welcoming love and intimacy through life experiences.

I am honored by the many opportunities I have had in the trajectory of my career and I believe they are all the result of the many talents and good people God has given me.

I hope my visions of beauty, color and movement are of your enjoyment.